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New Membership added
Published on 08-03-2018

Hi Exchangeclixers,

Today we have added Expro membership 

Special in this membership you can get :

- Unlimitted Direct Referral

- 100% referral click

- Double point earning

- $0.50 Referral Upgrade comission

- 5% referral purchase comission

Price is 7$ per month you can buy at UPGRADE Page

Or you can save some money with buy special packages on ADVERTISE Page

Expo Membership in special packages just $10.00 only, including

4 Direct Referral = $2.00 

2000 Paid To Click Credits = $2.00

100000 Banner Ad Credits = $2.70

500000 Featured Ad Credits = $4.75

Expro Membership = $7.00

so you can save 8$++ with this package.

Buy Now and increase your earning 

Published on 25-02-2018 is the website that updates the latest airdrop every day.

What is Airdrop?
Airdrop in the world of crypto coin is a giveaway that held the coin company before their coins launching. this is usually done to increase the popularity and value of their coins later.

What's the benefit of following Airdop?
when we follow airdrop, we will get a prize usually in the form of coin itself, and COIN IT WE CAN SELL AFTER they enter the market exchange.

How to work?
We just need an email, ETH wallet (create in, telegram account. and other social account.
after we have it we just need to register and do an easy task from them.

everything is very easy, once we have a free coin, we just have to wait for them to show up in the market exchange and sell it.

so do not miss any airdrop there. because a coin can potentially make us rich in no time.


Welcome To Exchangeclix
Published on 21-10-2017

After several months of preparation Finally we are proudly launching on October 21, 2017.
we welcome the member, advertiser also everyone. We give $ 0.50 in Purchase Balance that you can use to try our advertising services.

Exchangeclix introduction
Exchangeclix is a paid to click service focusing on online traffic exchange.
so that members and advertisers can improve their promotional and website trafick.
as a member you can click on ads every day and members can request payment after funds in account balance reach $ 1.00 you can request payment through perfectmoney and bitcoin.
currently there is no other processor available, we started with 2 processors that are often used in general.
we will add other processors in the future after all possible.

No need to purchase account upgrades to increase earnings. we provide 2 Type Membership that you can choose for Free
Exmore: Increase your earnings by Quantity.
Unlimited Direct referrals with 10% commission Referral click and cost Removing Direct referrals is only $ 0.02
Exsmart: Increase Earnings with Quality
Maximum 50 Direct referrals with 100% referral commission click and the cost of deleting Direct referral is only $ 0.04

You can choose one of the available memberships, when you just join you automatically in membership exmore, but you can switch to membership exsmart whenever and without a penny.
I hope this can be a solution for members who always complain when they find a small referral click value.

Why no rent referrals in exchangeclix?
As I've explained exchangeclix focuses on online exchange sites. we do not make money games that pay members from other member's deposit.
we also do not want to use BOT as a revenue-raising medium, because we will always pay your hard work.
how about rent referrals from existing members? I know and I have experienced a loss of it, because not everyone can be active every day, sometimes they forget, saturated, even stopped. that would be a problem for members who rent and that would be the root problem for
so we will try to minimize any problems that may occur.
It should be understood that many new sites are providing high income just to attract investors and bring their money away.
We do not want to be great in no time. We also do not want to pay some members to gain trust then ignore the other members afterwards.
If you are really serious about making money on this site you have to work hard and manage it well.

If you have any complaints, suggestions or anything to make Exchangeclix better.
we are happy to always be open to it, feels free for contacting us.

Yours sincerely & happy earning
Exchangeclix admin